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sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

In-Visibles: Natures transgressions

Photography, performance and installations exhibition

Decide-T Lesbian' Association, Gay, Bisexuals and Transsexuals of Alicante presents an installation and photography named Invisibles Exhibition, from Wednesday, March  31, in the Miguel Hernández Conference Room at the Alicante Branch of the University of Alicante, photographs and performance by Manuel Antonio Velandia Mora and doll construction and installation by Andrea Cano.

The exhibition presents compositions that resemble sexual contents, at some moments the resemblance is vague and at others it is clearly evident, right where nobody wants it, just the way it happens to those people who have decided to transition to the full existence of themselves.

The photographs and installations are of nude Ken® and Barbie® dolls that, unlike those distributed commercially, we let you see their genitals, and images of natural elements in which the spectators see strong sexual resemblances.

According to Velandia “There are people whose existence society would like to deny, and who therefore become invisible. Those who do not fit into the mold are often isolated, sometimes against their will. Sexuality though an eminently human experience is often observed in nature’s other realities and can be reflected in certain natural structures or in artificial constructions built by humans”.

These dolls belong to the world of unreality, especially the Barbies®, perverse and sexual in themselves. They belong to a world of unreality even more unreal. This body, impossible to forget, reminds us that other bodies are possible, that other bodies are normal and real: bodies in transition, bodies that desire to change, bodies of transvestites, bodies of transsexuals, bodies of intersexuals, bodies that are often denied, bodies that we refuse to see, bodies made invisible as a way of denying the existence of those beings who to us are strangers, not because they are, but because we refuse to accept diversity, uniqueness and peculiarity.

The dolls carry on a non-verbal, sensual and sexual communication; for those other women and those other men whose frustrated desires are steeped in consumerism, where perfect beauty and absolute silence allow us to meditate in a reality we refuse or are required to deny, and between the internal and the contextual.

Velandia asserts “We tend to see penises, vaginas, anuses, breasts, where there are no bodies, where the whims of nature or human constructions allow us to wander, watch and enjoy without having to reference the real people, without having to give explanations for our own existence or the existence of the beings we love or reject”.

Photographs and performance: Manuel Antonio Velandia Mora.
Doll construction and installation: Andrea Cano.
Graphic Design: Tico Morales.
Translation: Catherine Nicholls Baeza.

Decide-T: Lesbian' Gay, Transsexuals and Bisexuals Association of Alicante.

31 March on 28 April 2010
Chamber Miguel Hernández
Headquarters University of Alicante

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jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Spania, Barbie Trans

Una nota publicada en rumano:

Faimoasa papusa Barbie, transsexuali şi versiunea de "travestit" este starul unei expozitii controversate de la Universitatea din Alicante, în sudul Spaniei, organizat de federaţia lesbiene gay "Decide-T", spaniol ABC zi, a raportat azi. Papusa a fost "botezat de chirurg", spune ziarul, nu un plus de siliciu, dar pentru o operatie de gen mutare. Fără a pierde formele traditionale, cadavrele au fost adăugate inconfundabil de sex masculin "pentru a crea o nouă păpuşă care se transformă cuvintele prietenul ei Ken." Obiectivul doi artişti, Andrea Cano şi Manuel Antonio Velandia, este de a prezenta "Barbie si travestitii sexuale perverse organisme, organisme transsexualilor, organisme care devin invizibile să nege existenţa acestor fiinţe care ne sunt straini nu pentru că sunt într-adevăr ci pentru că ne refuză să accepte diversitatea. Expoziţia este deschisă până la 28 aprilie.
Tomado de 100ro.blogspot.com.es